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New Growth bandanna $5

Designed by Canteen youth ambassador Fiona Wyer

As National Bandanna Day 2022 youth ambassador, Fiona designed her own bandanna called ‘New Growth’ to represent her cancer journey and the positive impact Canteen has had. The floral elements were hand drawn by Fiona and symbolise the growth she’s had since her cancer diagnosis and her hope for a flourishing future.  “My bandanna design, ‘New Growth’ represents the resilience of a young adult cancer survivor. There is always new growth after devastating environmental events. I feel this reflects what happened to me, after my own devastating life event. I’ve had new growth after finishing treatment and gaining Canteen’s support.”

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Canteen Exclusive

Smell the Roses Bandanna $5

Designed by Canteen youth ambassador Francesca Hudson

As National Bandanna Day’s youth ambassdor, Franki designed her own bandanna called ‘Smell the Roses’ to represent her cancer journey and view on life. Franki chose the colour yellow as a predominant feature because it’s bright and brings positive energy, while the roses symbolise the view that no one should take advantage of life because you’re not promised tomorrow. “This year I designed my own bandanna, ‘Smell the Roses’. I made this bandanna to remind myself and everyone that life goes by too fast and that we all need to stop and smell the roses sometimes.”

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