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My Country Dreaming bandanna


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Designed by Pactina Turner, who comes from Utopia in the NT. Her language is Anmatyerre.   Pacinta paints ‘My Country’ and tells her story of community coming together, meeting at the waterhole and the Wallaby roaming about at night. The tracks of the wallaby are seen in her artwork.   Pacinta is the daughter of established Aboriginal artists Caroline Numina Pananka and Daniel Pula Turner. Her Mother’s Auntie is Gloria Petyarre. Her Mother, Caroline and her Elders have taught, and continue to teach Pacinta to paint her stories.  Pacinta’s works have been purchased by collectors and investors both within Australia and internationally. Her works were first exhibited in Queensland’s Emu Apple Gallery and are now available in the Kate Owen Gallery, which won the prestigious award of Sydney’s Best Aboriginal art Gallery in 2010.  Product photography by Canteen youth ambassador Joshua Bell

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